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Meet The Team

Experienced and Strategic


Ivan D. Ivanov, Esq.


Ivan D. Ivanov is a founding member of Ivanov & Wolf, PLLC and has been a critical asset to our firm from the onset. He will be happy to answer your legal questions — don’t hesitate to be in touch.


Matthew D. Wolf, Esq.


One of our most respected team members, Matthew D. Wolf is ready to take your case head on. He will serve as your trusted source of legal advice, professional representation and strategic planning.

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Richard Brightman

Freelance Paralegal

While not an employee of Ivanov & Wolf, PLLC, Richard Brightman is often retained as an independent contractor to act as a paralegal for the firm. When retained, Richard assists our office in effectively litigating our cases and is an extremely valuable asset.

Our Team: Our Team
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